Alfa Romeo 156

Alfa Romeo 156 can be safely called special, which is somewhere in the middle between sports cars and family vehicles.

Designers have hidden the rear door handles in the side pillars. At the same time, the design frills did not affect the visibility at all. The interior is no less original, and special chic is given by "sunken" in the wells of the dashboard pointers. However, on the cars of the first years of production it is not excluded extraneous noises in the dashboard, which was later improved. The peculiarity of the Sportwagon version with a 5-door station wagon body is that the cargo area of the latter is smaller than the trunk of the sedan. At folded seats "justice triumphs". But in comparison with classmates the volume of trunk of sedan is one of the smallest - only 380 liters.

There are claims and to a paint coating of a body - on wheel arches of cars of the first years of release it is possible delamination of a varnish or paint. But the metal itself due to galvanizing is well resistant to corrosion, and if when choosing a car on the kuzo¬ve rust is noticeable, it speaks about the "accidental past" of a particular instance. Prices for body parts are quite impressive.

The most common power units are Twin Spark with two plugs per cylinder and the system of gas distribution phase change. Despite the dek¬larized resource of 60-80 thousand kilometers of plugs with platinum tips of electrodes, at use of low-quality fuel they will have to be changed in 20-30 thousand kilometers of run. The original candle for "156-yu" costs about $20. and you need to change them 8 pieces at once. And different type of plugs are put on one cylinder. After a mileage of 100 thousand kilometers may require replacement of the variator of gas distribution phase change. It is necessary to be punctual in terms of replacement of timing belt and rollers - every 40 thousand km. At the same time belts of attachment equipment and balancer shafts are changed. The tension roller is made of special plastic and, as it is correct, does not last longer than it should. Failure to comply with the terms of roller replacement is fraught not only with its failure, but also with the breakage of the timing belt. Often because of problems with the air flow meter on Alfa Romeo 156 "float" idle speed of the engine. Power units are sensitive both to the quality of oil, and to the terms of its replacement.

2,5-liter motors are more tolerable. Although, in turn, they are not without problems. So. with time there can be failures in work of potentiometer of electronic accelerator pedal, which gives commands to control the power system. The price for good dynamics is a considerable fuel consumption. And maintenance costs are somewhat higher due to the dense layout of the engine compartment.

"Italians" were equipped with 5-speed and 6-speed manual transmission, automatic transmission with the possibility of manual shifting Q-system and automated "manual" Selespeed. On the market almost all Alfa Romeo 156 are represented by models with manual transmissions. At purchase it is necessary to carry out a careful diagnostics of 6-speed "mechanics". In pair with the most powerful motor V6 and with the corresponding temperament of owners of such versions, the control gear was subjected to increased loads. And its repair, by virtue of design features is difficult. Subsequently, the gearbox was finalized, which significantly increased its reliability.

The chassis of the car is characterized by clarity and obedience. However, the weak point of the car is the front suspension. The most vulnerable parts are silent blocks of the upper arms of the front suspension, which serve for 20-30 thousand kilometers of mileage and are changed together with the arms. Sharp squeaks during driving over bumps will signal the need for their replacement. Approximately at the same time they begin to "sing" the bushings of rear strut mounting. After a mileage of 60 thousand kilometers will require replacement and silent-blocks of the lower arms, which are also offered together with the levers. Hub bearings and shock absorbers are more durable.

Selecting a version with a heavy V6 engine and high mileage, you should definitely pay attention to the front springs - they may be sagging.

Steering is equipped with power steering. After a mileage of 120-140 thousand kilometers, the loss of tightness of the glands of the rack is noted. Good, the rack is repairable.

Front brake pads serve about 15 thousand km for fans of active driving, rear brake pads - 2-3 times longer.



- Bright and stylish design

- High stability and controllability

- Corrosion resistance


- Weak front suspension

- Capricious variable valve timing on 4-cylinder engines

- Increased requirements to the quality of fuel and oil

- There are a lot of worn copies on the market



Alfa Romeo 155 1992-1997.

09.97 Start of Alfa Romeo 156

01.99 Selespeed gearbox is offered for 2.0-liter version and Q-system for 2.5-liter version.

03.00 Sportwagon 5-door station wagon

09.01 GTA Sport top-modification

06.03 Restyling. 2.4 liter turbodiesel (175 hp)

Alfa Romeo 159 from 2006